Academic Research Program

Program Purpose

Support R&D institutions to conduct research that generates new knowledge, furthers scientific understanding and supports the education of graduate-level students


Local Universities & Research Institutions

Funding Initiatives:

Academic Research Grant

A 2.7 m QAR, 3-year grant supporting investigator-led R&D aimed at generating new knowledge and furthering scientific understanding in topics broadly aligned with any of the RDI priority areas

Key Success Measures:

  • Increase in Research Scientists & Engineers
  • Enhanced research quality

Key performance indicators:

  • Publications in top 10% most cited worldwide
  • Average field weighted citation impact of publications resulting from QRDI-C funding
  • % of patent applications granted (resulting from QRDI-C funding)
  • Number of PhDs and postdocs trained through QRDI-C grants

Benefits to Program Recipients:

  • Receive funding that supports internal research activity
  • Increase quantity and quality of scientific outputs, and reputation
  • Engage in local and international research collaborations

Benefits to Qatar

  • Generate new knowledge and increase scientific understanding
  • Enhance Qatar’s reputation /contributions to the global stock of knowledge
  • Contribute to the enhancement of capabilities of the RDI talent pool