Facilitating the adaptation and development of new technologies contributing to societal and economic progress


Innovation can take many forms. Qatar’s vision for a sustainable, diversified economy as stipulated in the Qatar National Vision 2030, and as further articulated in the National Development Strategies, requires the expansion of R&D-based innovation.

This type of innovation leverages research and development for the creation of products or services that can be new to an organization, market or world. It can involve the development of new knowledge or technology, or adaptation of existing technology in novel ways to ultimately provide a positive economic and societal impact.

QRDI 2030 places the business sector, comprised of large local enterprises, multinational corporations (MNCs), start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as the primary driver of R&D-based innovation. Government entities also play a key role, as enablers of business sector activity, as potential buyers of innovative products and services, and as innovators, translating research outputs into policy reforms that benefit the nation. QRDI 2030 seeks to drive its business sector toward lending greater focus in the area of innovation and value creation through new or significantly improved R&D-based products or services, or, in the case of government, research-based policies to meet end-user needs.


How can the business sector and government actively engage in R&D-based innovation?

Innovation 2

Through the roadmap presented by QRDI 2030, large local enterprises and government entities, for instance, can create domestic demand for innovative products and services by sourcing, testing and co-developing solutions with local innovative businesses.

This domestic market serves as a gateway for local, up and coming innovators to access regional and global markets. Furthermore, greater R&D-based activities conducted by the business sector can pull outputs from research and academia and enable their successful commercialization. At the same time, MNCs with RDI centers in Qatar can develop solutions to meet local, regional and global market needs, attract and grow the RDI talent pool and support greater knowledge and skill transfer. The business sector also includes entrepreneurs, who can engage in high-risk, R&D-based ventures that help diversify the economy, create new exports and cultivate new jobs.

There are abundant opportunities for both local and global entities to expand R&D-based innovation in Qatar. Indeed, QRDI 2030 sets forth an invitation for its people and international communities to partake in the innovation journey underway.