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QRDI Council signs MoU with The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT)

With the attendance of the Malaysian Ambassador to Qatar H.E. Zamshari Shaharan, QRDI Council and MIGHT Join Forces to Spark Ideas and Break Boundaries

December 13, 2023: The Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation (QRDI) Council and The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The signing ceremony took place on Tuesday, December 11th. The signing ceremony was attended by the Malaysian Ambassador to Qatar H.E. Zamshari Shaharan, and Joint Chairman of MIGHT Tan Sri Dr. Ir. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali as well as esteemed dignitaries from both parties


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  2. 13 Dec 2023

Eng. Omar A. Al-Ansari, Secretary General of The Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation (QRDI) Council, signed an MoU with Mr Rushdi Rahim, President and CEO, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT)

The aim of this MoU is to establish a cooperative framework facilitating discussions on potential collaborations in Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Foresight, STI policy research, STI policy advocacy, and STI intelligence. The overarching objective is to strengthen the exchange of ideas, information, skills, and experts, fostering an environment conducive to cooperative activities.

This partnership signifies a new chapter in fostering global technological advancements. It will unfold through various channels, including knowledge-sharing sessions on foresight and future studies, cross-promotion of innovation opportunities, and joint meetings, conferences, and workshops. Both entities will explore avenues to support and strengthen each other's innovation ecosystems, creating a bridge for businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as a synergy that propels both Qatar and Malaysia to the forefront of innovation.

The MoU signing between QRDI Council and MIGHT, a highlight of MIGHT's visit to Qatar, symbolizes a joint commitment to innovation and partnership. This pivotal step sets the foundation for future collaborations, marking the start of a new era in cross-border innovation between Qatar and Malaysia

 About QRDI Council

QRDI Council is a leading government entity in advanced research, global collaboration in innovation, and attracting global talent to Qatar. The Council strives to make Qatar a top destination for global talent and a pioneering research, innovation, and development hub with its motto “locally empowered, globally connected”. Playing a pivotal role within the Qatar National Development Strategy, the QRDI Council is actively shaping the Innovation component of the Economic Diversification goal. The Council’s commitment underlines its unwavering dedication to the Qatar National Vision 2030. QRDI Council aims to make Qatar a global innovation hub and a top choice for R&D centers worldwide, seeing RDI as vital for Qatar's growth and prosperity.

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