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QRDI Council and Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Unite to Drive Environmental Research for Qatar Sustainable Future

Collaboration Aims to Drive Environmental Resilience and Innovate Solutions for Qatar's Climate Challenges

Doha, Qatar, September 12, 2023: Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), a division of Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI) Council, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC), is thrilled to announce the commencement of the inaugural cycle of the joint Climate Change & Environment Research Call. This initiative marks a pivotal step in addressing Qatar's environmental challenges and advancing the fight against climate change through scientific research, development, and innovation.

Commenting on the call, Dr. Hisham Sabir, Executive Director of QNRF Programs Office, a division of Qatar Research, Development and Innovation (QRDI) Council said, “At QRDI, we are dedicated to fostering research excellence and driving innovation that benefits Qatar and the world. The joint Climate Change & Environment Research Call in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is a testament to our commitment to supporting research that addresses critical national challenges. We look forward to receiving and funding groundbreaking research proposals that will make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change.”

“In our strong dedication to building a sustainable future, the partnership between QRDI Council and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is a significant step forward. Together, we aim to spark innovation and research that will lead us toward a greener, more resilient future for Qatar and the world,” said Eng. Hussain Al-Kubaisi the Director of Technical Office and Authorized Research Officer at The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC).

The State of Qatar has long demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability and combating climate change, making climate action a top priority. His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in his address to the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly in September 2021, emphasized Qatar's dedication to developing climate change-related technologies and clean energy solutions.

Qatar's vulnerability to climate change is heightened by its desert and arid environment and extensive coastlines, making it essential to address rising sea levels and other climate-related threats. Qatar's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement further underscores its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030, highlighting the urgent need for research and innovation.

The newly established Ministry of Environment and Climate Change plays a pivotal role in implementing the National Environment and Climate Change Strategy, achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 and overseeing the preservation of Qatar's environment, population well-being, and long-term economic resilience. This strategy identifies key environmental priorities, including reducing GHG emissions, enhancing air and water quality, conserving biodiversity, circular economy, and responsible land use.


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  2. 12 Sep 2023

QNRF has identified climate change impact, air and water quality, environmental quality, biodiversity, circular economy, and waste recycling as critical areas for research. This joint initiative aims to address these priorities by funding research projects that generate tangible solutions and enhance Qatar's environmental resilience. Additionally, the collaboration seeks to build local research capacity, promote public-private partnerships, and reduce dependency on external expertise.

The Climate Change & Environment Research Call, opening on September 12, 2023, and closing on November 14, 2023, welcomes eligible Lead Principal Investigators (LPIs) affiliated with approved institutions within Qatar. Collaborative institutions, both within and outside Qatar, are encouraged to participate, with up to 20% of the yearly awarded budget available for partners outside Qatar.

This groundbreaking partnership between QRDI Council and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change signifies a shared commitment to addressing environmental challenges and fostering a greener, more resilient future for Qatar. The call for research proposals is a significant step towards achieving these goals, ultimately contributing to Qatar's national and international sustainability targets.


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