Technology Development Grant (TDG)


Technology Development Grant (TDG)

The Qatar Research and Development Innovation Council (QRDI) is responsible for developing and implementing the QRDI2030 National Strategy and providing funding to build and strengthen the research and innovation ecosystem in Qatar.
QRDI is pleased to invite applications for the Technology Development Grant (TDG), which is designed to support companies seeking to conduct R&D to develop a new product, process or service.  This is done through co-funding of the project. 

Who Can Apply?

Any company incorporated in Qatar is eligible to apply for the grant. Companies, Startup's, MNC's based outside Qatar may apply with the undertaking that if awarded, they will set up register a company in Qatar to carry out the project. Refer to TDG Factsheet and  Annex 1 for the definition of eligible applicants.

The applicant must have the required technical capability to undertake the project and the financial capacity to support the project to completion. 


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