Qatar Spain Innovation Program (QASIP)





Qatar-Spain Innovation Program (QASIP)

  • On 18th May 2022, an MOU was signed between the Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council (QRDI) and Spain’s Centre for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) to support partnerships in research and innovation between companies from both countries. CDTI and QRDI have developed the Qatar-Spain Innovation Program (QASIP) under this MOU.  five-day training program targeting middle-level managers within government entities seeking innovation-based solutions to their ministry and sector’s challenges. The aim of this program is to inspire and equip participants to be the next generation of innovation pioneers in the government sector.
  • CDTI and QRDI are pleased to announce the first call for proposals under QASIP. QASIP supports joint research and innovation projects between Qatari and Spanish companies in areas of interest to both countries. These collaborative projects aim to enhance the global competitiveness and increase the market access of Spanish and Qatari companies. Awarded projects will be funded by QRDI in Qatar and CDTI in Spain. QRDI provides funding to strengthen and build the research and innovation ecosystem in Qatar and CDTI is a Public Entity which fosters the innovation of Spanish Companies.