Qatar Open Innovation QOI


Qatar Open Innovation (QOI)

Developed and launched by QRDI Council, the Qatar Open Innovation (QOI) program connects strategic entities within Qatar (Opportunity Owners), such as government agencies and large local enterprises with a global pool of innovators and technical experts. QRDI Council works with local Opportunity Owners to identify and frame these opportunities, issue innovation calls, evaluate submitted proposals, and award winners to pilot innovative solutions.

Qatar Open Innovation offers a unique opportunity to develop breakthrough technologies and solutions for priority sectors in Qatar.

Innovators stand to obtain funding of up to $100,000 to develop, pilot and test their prototypes in collaboration with a strategic entity in Qatar.

Through the program, innovators also gain access to new markets, and can obtain support in establishing their business in Qatar or forming official partnerships to help launch or expand their ventures.

Opportunity Owners engaging with the program benefit by obtaining access to a wide pool of innovators and potential innovations that meet their operational or strategic needs and enjoy a host of support services offered by QRDI Council.



Receive funds of up to $100K to develop and pilot their prototype with the Opportunity Owner based in Qatar.
Benefit from access to a host of agencies in Qatar, through introductions to relevant entities, incubation, acceleration as well as fast-tracking the establishment of a company in Qatar.
Winners work closely with Opportunity Owners, with the possibility of a commercialisation contract, as well as potential partnerships that help launch and expand your business locally, regionally and internationally.

Opportunity Owners

Global Reach
Work with QRDI Council to frame innovation opportunities and gain access to a pool of local and international pool of innovators.
Innovative Solutions
Collaborate to pilot innovative solutions, forming partnerships and creating organisational impact.
Furthering Innovation
Gain access to funded innovation solutions and training. Attract and build a strong base of innovation talent.
Our Opportunity Owners

Through Qatar Open Innovation, Opportunity Owners in Qatar have access to a global talent pool, and can solicit innovations that serve their strategic and operational goals.

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