Knowledge Transfer Partnership Qatar (KTP-Q)


Knowledge Transfer Partnership Qatar (KTP-Q)

KTP-Q connects Qatari-registered businesses with Qatar’s knowledge institutions (universities and research institutes) to deliver business-led innovation projects where:

  • The business has strategic plans for growth, but lacks the expertise and capabilities needed for their implementation.
  • The knowledge institution has the knowledge and capability to support the businesses growth and will employ an ‘Associate’ to deliver the project.


There are 2 types of KTP-Q:
  • A classic KTP-Q focuses on developing new or better products and services.
  • A management KTP-Q focuses on developing better businesses by enhancing processes and building management capabilities. 



The Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation Council (QRDI) is responsible for developing and implementing the QRDI2030 National Strategy and providing funding to build and strengthen the research and innovation ecosystem in Qatar.

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a program used successfully for many years in the UK to bring technical and project management expertise from institutions of higher learning to benefit private companies.  It involves the attachment to a private company of a competent person hired by the university to help the company implement a project. The cost of the partnership is partially supported by a government grant.

QRDI has developed a similar program for Qatari companies called Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Qatar or KTP-Q.

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