Innovation Capability Building Program

Program Purpose

Develop and retain a strong base of innovation talent, including business R&D specialists, entrepreneurs, and innovation leaders in Qatar, while fostering an innovation mindset in government and industry.

Target Audiences:

  • Government and business leaders

  • Leaders of R&D-based startups and SMEs

  • Local and foreign individuals aspiring to an innovation career in Qatar

Innovation Initiatives:

Government Innovation Leaders’ Training

  • A five-day program aimed at mid-level government managers, designed to inspire and equip participants with innovative solutions for their ministries and sectors. This training prepares them to be the next generation of innovation pioneers within the government.

Corporate Innovation Leaders’ Training

  • This program offers senior executives from large local enterprises the tools and techniques to develop innovation capabilities within their organizations, either through internal technology development or partnerships with R&D-intensive businesses, to co-develop and deploy innovative solutions that enhance competitiveness and performance.

Product Management Training for SMEs

  • Tailored for SME leaders, this training empowers participants to confidently manage the product development lifecycle within their companies. The curriculum covers everything from evaluating user requirements to creating a minimum viable product (MVP) and developing effective performance metrics.

Key Success Measures:

  • Increased awareness of innovation among government and business leaders
  • Enhanced support for innovation initiatives within organizations, fostering a willingness to embrace new ideas and undertake risk-involved projects
  • Active participation in innovation projects supported by QRDI or other organizations

Key performance indicators:

  • Number of government and corporate participants in training programs
  • Number of government agencies and local enterprises engaged
  • Number of SME leaders trained and SMEs engaged
  • Number of innovative solutions implemented
  • Number of people engaged in RDI projects in Qatar
  • Number of projects submitted to QRDI programs

Benefits to Program Recipients:

  • Acquire creative thinking skills, the ability to identify innovation opportunities, and make a compelling case for change within their organization
  • Develop skills essential for success in the new economy, leading to improved job prospects
  • Learn to approach problems from various perspectives, think critically, and apply innovative problem-solving techniques

Benefits to Qatar

  • Cultivation of an innovation mindset among government and business leaders
  • Building of institutional capacity to drive technology development projects
  • Growth of the local pool of product developers and managers engaged in technology development projects