Strategic Focus

Aiming to promote Qatar's role as a global leader in innovation and scientific research and to diversify the country's economy.


Ecosystem Transformation Elements

QRDI 2030 identifies three core elements and four enabling elements which are key to creating a robust RDI framework through which fruitful RDI investments can take place. Each of the elements has set objectives and outcomes targeted for 2030

Three Core Transformation Elements

Scientific Research

A base of human capacity and ideas that pushes the frontiers of science and contributes to addressing government and industry needs

RDI Talent

A strong base of domestic an foreign RDI talent that drives research excellence and innovation in Qatar


Business and government that can develop, adapt and deploy R&D-based solutions for economic and societal impact

Four Enabling Elements

RDI Funding

Sustained and well-balanced RDI funding that enables the realization of transformation objectives resulting in a healthy mix of public and private RDI activities

RDI Governance

Governance that enables strategic aligment of RDI activities, swift decision making, responsible allocation of RDI funding, effective monitoring and flexibility to course-correct in a timely manner

RDI Regulatory Environment

The right policies and regulations to encourage and support mobility of ideas, talent and capital and the conduct of ethical and safe RDI activites

RDI Information Systems

Integrated information systems and knowledge platforms that enhace synergies, provide transparent access at the appropriate levels, optimize resources and enable evidence-based decisions.

National RDI priority areas

Qatar is pressed with unique, national challenges and economic opportunities that can be addressed by RDI-driven solutions. QRDI 2030 defines five thematic areas of national importance, where a critical mass of RDI activites can be developed and capabilities built.

5 Priority Areas

R5 Priority Areas

  • Energy

    To support the competiteveness and sustainability of Qatar’s energy sector through the development and deployment of technological solutions

  • Health

    To address the pressing health challenges of Qatar’s population through relevent research and its translation into clinical care outcomes

  • Resource Sustainability

    To support the sustainable management of Qatar’s environmental, food and water resources through research and technological solutions

  • Society

    To enhance the nation’s ability to address current and future needs of all communities in Qatar, preserve cultural values and empower the next generation

  • Digital Technology

    To develop, adapt and deploy relevent new digital technologies to increase growth and competitiveness of Qatar’s key economic sectors, provide solutions for national challenges and enhance key public services

Towards 2030

The next phase of Qatar’s RDI journey will see the evolution of Qatar’s RDI ecosystem. A fully integrated RDI ecosystem will mean healthy collaboration among RDI actors, greater mobility of people, capital and ideas and the ability of innovative businesses to ‘pull’ research outputs towards practical end-use and successful commercialization.

Qatar’s transformed landscape will also mean greater investment in RDI, placing Qatar on par with small advanced economies, in order to fuel future economic growth and provide RDI actors the opportunity to seize the right RDI opportunities.

By 2030, Qatar will have increased the role of the business sector engaged in RDI activities, boosting the country’s innovation capabilities and developing its competitiveness over the long-run. The coming decade will also see significant growth and expansion in the RDI talent pool to match small advanced economies, both by developing local RDI professionals as well as by attracting talent from abroad.

QRDI 2030 is the result of extensive collaboration and consultation among Council members. Going forward, this spirit of collaboration will continue as RDI actors across government, industry and academia work together to align future RDI activities in Qatar. The ‘golden triangle,’ with government, industry and academia, is a standard industry term that serves as a grounding principle upon which Qatar’s RDI future is built. It is the foundation on which QRDI 2030 is designed and will be the basis on which the strategy will be implemented as RDI actors and other resources are mobilized toward meeting the needs of each national priority area.