QRDI 2030


Qatar’s RDI ecosystem will enhance the nation’s resilience and prosperity. The RDI ecosystem will cement Qatar’s standing as a regional oasis of stability and opportunity through the reinforced ability to face challenges with breakthrough, RDI-based solutions, the cultivation of new, global connections and the creation of a stronger base of domestic and international RDI talent that drives research and innovation excellence in the country. 

Ecosystem Transformation Elements

National RDI Priority Areas

Towards 2030

The next phase of Qatar’s RDI journey will see the evolution of Qatar’s RDI ecosystem. A fully integrated RDI ecosystem will mean healthy collaboration among RDI actors, greater mobility of people, capital and ideas and the ability of innovative businesses to ‘pull’ research outputs towards practical end-use and successful commercialization. 

Qatar’s transformed landscape will also mean greater investment in RDI, placing Qatar on par with  small advanced economies, in order to fuel future economic growth and provide RDI actors the opportunity to seize the right RDI opportunities. 

By 2030, Qatar will have increased the role of the business sector engaged in RDI activities, boosting the country’s innovation capabilities and developing its competitiveness over the long-run. The coming decade will also see significant growth and expansion in the RDI talent pool to match small advanced economies, both by developing local RDI professionals as well as by attracting talent from abroad.

QRDI 2030 is the result of extensive collaboration and consultation among Council members. Going forward, this spirit of collaboration will continue as RDI actors across government, industry and academia work together to align future RDI activities in Qatar. The ‘golden triangle,’ with government, industry and academia, is a standard industry term that serves as a grounding principle upon which Qatar’s RDI future is built. It is the foundation on which QRDI 2030 is designed and will be the basis on which the strategy will be implemented as RDI actors and other resources are mobilized toward meeting the needs of each national priority area.

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