RDI Collaboration Platforms

Program Purpose

Establish collaboration platforms and knowledge sharing networks to ensure smooth information exchange across RDI stakeholders and drive synergies


Global RDI Stakeholders, Local RDI stakeholders & wider community

Funding Initiatives:

QRDI Portal:

  • Enable access to RDI information through dashboards and summary level reports, showcase individual expertise, network and find suitable collaborators, access local and international stock of knowledge, access data on infrastructure and find funding and career development opportunities

RDI Workshops & Seminars:

  • Share and exchange knowledge by local and global RDI experts in RDI in specific themes of interest.

Stakeholder forum:

  • Provide a physical platform for key RDI stakeholders to communicate bottlenecks, challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Benefits to Program Recipients:

  • Drive knowledge exchange among RDI stakeholders in Qatar, exposing RDI actors to new findings and techniques
  • Showcasing local RDI achievements, assets, talent and resources, driving local and global collaborations and new opportunities

Benefits to Qatar

  • Drive innovation in Qatar through enhanced synergies among local RDI stakeholders
  • Strengthen Qatar’s global footprint in RDI
  • Internationalize RDI success globally
  • Enable the attraction of top international talent