RDI Enabling Regulatory Environment

Program Purpose

Establish the right governance mechanisms, policies and regulations to encourage and support mobility of ideas, talent and capital


Local RDI Stakeholders

Funding Initiatives:

Business Regulatory Reform

  • Introduce reforms to the business regulations related to RDI activities in Qatar
  • Introduce improvements to free zones and technology parks rules and regulations to attract private sector companies and innovation centers to technology parks
  • Develop appropriate national IP policy to encourage and facilitate the creation, development, management and protection of IP from publicly funded RDI activities

Government Innovation Regulatory Reform

  • Introduce reforms to enable government entities better leverage research and innovation (e.g., Introduce internal flexibility and risk procedures to compliment innovation sourcing, incorporate innovation metrics in performance monitoring…etc.)

Talent-related Regulation Reform

  • Introduce reforms to the current visa regulations and mechanisms to fast-track immigration processes for RDI talent (e.g., create new visa schemes for special talent strategically important for RDI)

Data Sharing Regulatory Reform

  • Introduce National standards for data sharing and managing large data banks, to ensure protection and access to the data

Sector-specific regulatory requirements

  • Support RDI priority plans with sector-specific regulation enhancements as required

RDI Funding Policy

  • Advocate for the implementation of a new budgetary process for Qatar with a ring-fenced 4-Year budget

Benefits to Program Recipients:

  • RDI actors will obtain value for their work and easily commercialize research outputs.
  • International RDI talent will have an improved quality of life in Qatar / Start-ups will more easily hire required foreign talent
  • Private sector companies and innovation centers will benefit from enhanced technology park regulations
  • Facilitate data-enabled innovations

Benefits to Qatar

  • Facilitate collaboration among RDI actors
  • Enable the development, attraction and retention of talent
  • Promote innovative business activity in Qatar.
  • Enable sector-specific development of the RDI ecosystem