RDI Policy Observatory

Program Purpose

Develop RDI policies, plans and programs, measure success of policies, programs and institutes against intended results, and monitor and report on progress


QRDI-C Organization, Management & Board, Local RDI Stakeholders & Wider Community

Funding Initiatives:

S&T Advisory

  • Conduct technology and capabilities foresight and road-mapping and develop RDI priority plans to drive the transformation of the RDI ecosystem

RDI Policy & Program Planning, and Evaluation:

  • Develop recommendations for RDI policies, plans and programs
  • Oversee the design of new programs, assess new RDI program concepts, and refine ongoing programs through required adjustments
  • Collect, compile and review RDI plans of government entities, support entities and RDI actors

RDI Scoreboards & Reports

  • Monitor, analyze and provide insights about the trends observed nationally, regionally and internationally, which will enable evidence-based decisions
  • Track progress of QRDI 2030 strategic objectives and initiatives

Benefits to Program Recipients:

  • Assist government in setting RDI strategic direction in Qatar
  • Provide RDI advise to RDI stakeholders
  • Ensure coordination and drive synergies among RDI stakeholders
  • Improve access of data related to RDI to drive better overall performance and increase accountability of key national stakeholders

Benefits to Qatar

  • Enhance Qatar’s reputation through reporting achievements of the local RDI ecosystem
  • Maximize the benefits of RDI for Qatar through monitoring and evaluation, and ensuring responsible allocation of RDI funding