Technological Innovation Program

Program Purpose

Support local and global R&D-based start-ups, SMEs and large companies to conduct product development and innovation to serve local needs and global markets

Target Audiences:

Privately owned companies (Start-ups, SMEs, MNCs)

Funding Initiatives:

Technology Development Grant

enables and supports local and global companies to develop early technologies into working prototypes that are closer to market, with the aim of demonstrating clear market need and demand. Program consists of two phases: Phase I will fund proof of concepts before moving onto Phase II where QRDI-C will fund up to 50% of project value for companies with HQ outside Qatar, and up to 90% of project value for companies with HQ inside Qatar, over 2-3 years.

Technology Transfer Grant

  • a 2-year grant that fosters collaborations between academic and research institutions and R&D-based businesses and facilitate the transfer of technology developed by a research institution in topics broadly aligned with RDI priority areas

Key Success Measures:

  • Increase in RDI activity in businesses in Qatar
  • Increased number of high-skilled jobs in industry resulting from R&D activity
  • Increased commercialization of academic-led R&D

Key performance indicators:

  • Amount of Private Sector Industry R&D Co-funding (in cash)
  • Number of enterprises innovating in-house (LLEs, Start-ups, SMEs, MNCs)
  • Number of Industry R&D Jobs created
  • Number of new technologies/products developed or start-ups formed from research funded through QRDI-C

Benefits to Program Recipients:

  • Funding to support R&D activities to create new products and services in areas aligned to commercial agenda
  • Enhanced competitiveness and performance of local and global companies
  • Enhance the economic impact of MNCs in Qatar via R&D

Benefits to Qatar

  • Increase RDI professionals working in business R&D in the country
  • Develop R&D capabilities and expertise in existing and emerging industries leading to economic growth
  • Increase employment and attract foreign talent with business R&D experience