Corporate & Government Innovation Program

Program Purpose

Enable and support LLEs & Government Entities to leverage R&D and innovation to improve competitiveness

Target Audiences:

Opportunity Owners: Large Local Enterprises and Government Entities,
Innovators: privately owned companies (Start-ups, SMEs, MNCs)

Funding Initiatives:

Qatar Open Innovation Grant

Connects strategic entities within Qatar (‘Opportunity Owners’), such as government agencies and large local enterprises with a local and global pool of innovators and technical experts to pilot innovative solutions.

Technology Co-development Grants

  • That support technology “co-development” projects between large state enterprises/ government entities and R&D-intensive companies to test-bed new technological solutions and bring them closer to market. QRDI-C will fund up to 50% of project value for companies with HQ outside Qatar, and up to 90% of project value for companies with HQ inside Qatar, over 2-3 years.

Key Success Measures:

  • Increased demand for innovative products and services from R&D-based businesses
  • Increase in RDI activity in businesses in Qatar
  • Increased number of high-skilled jobs in industry resulting from R&D activity
  • Facilitate data-enabled innovations

Key performance indicators:

  • Number of Technologies Deployed
  • Amount of Private Sector Industry R&D Co-funding (in cash)
  • Number of enterprises innovating in-house (LLEs, Start-ups, SMEs, MNCs)
  • Number of Industry R&D Jobs created
  • Number of local (national and non-national) RDI professionals trained in R&D and product development skillsets

Benefits to Program Recipients:

  • Support LLEs and government to source innovative products and services from local and global innovative companies to enhance performance and delivery
  • Support local and international companies conduct R&D activities in Qatar with direct relevance to the market/government

Benefits to Qatar

  • Enhanced competitiveness of LLEs and efficiency of government by adopting R&D-based solutions for economic and societal impact
  • Develop innovation mindset in Qatar’s public sector and large local enterprises and enhance the product and technology development talent pool in Qatar